My Little Pony Windows 7 Theme!

Posted: October 12, 2011 in Me, Pony
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Hey guys! It’s been awhile, how have you been?
lol I’ve been playing portal 2 (well finished it in a day :P), and got thinking. What can I make?
Then i decided! A Rainbow Dash Windows 7 theme!
All the cursors are made by me with the help of RealWorld Cursor Editor, and the desktop backgrounds are by ~smockhobbes
I would have some pictures of the cursors, but printscreen doesn’t capture the cursor, so I’ve got nothing to display:\
Anyway the theme is 1/2 done atm, just got some more cursors to make.
Link to the 1/2 finished project
EDIT EDIT: Revised edition here (that means it;s better than the last one!)
EDIT EDIT EDIT: New Cursor (Select Cursor) by Noface

  1. NoFace says:

    I just finished up a little bit of a draft/cursor for the selecting links thingy, you can use this freely, or make you own and use this as an idea, or just completely disregard this

  2. Dakota says:

    FINALLY! o_o I got a MLP theme. God the last one wanted me to install all this other JUNK that messed up my computer before I could use it!

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